The German company MOBOTIX develops and manufactures network of IP video surveillance high resolution for all applications — from private homes to industrial facilities and security systems. Superior to the existing video surveillance system. Megapixel IP camera MOBOTIX superior to standard CCTV systems because of the higher resolution of 2048x1536 (3 megapixels) and detail.

Feature of MOBOTIX cameras IP network is a set of optics and computing power allows you to broadcast and record up to 20 frames per second at a resolution of 3MEGA (2048x1536), without demanding from the high demands on the network infrastructure and storage systems and video processing, video processing due to direct " in situ "- within the chamber! Built-in logic and software can significantly reduce the load on the network, and Hemispheric Technology provides a previously unachievable capabilities all from one network camera.

MOBOTIX cameras have no mechanical motors for lenses or camera movement. Therefore, they are so reliable that maintenance is minimized. The unique temperature range - from -30 ° C to +60 ° - achieved without heating or cooling, consuming only 3 watts. As for video recording does not require a hard drive, then the entire video system no one wearing part.

Product selection MOBOTIX means the absence of any additional software costs or license, as the software is always supplied with the camera, and with a license for an unlimited number of cameras and users. In addition, the software package includes professional application for the protection of rooms, analogues of which are used, for example, in football stadiums. Free Updates are available on the website.

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